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Well This is Odd

 This journal still exists, doesn't it? How strange.

Oh yeah. Have some rando cosplay plansCollapse )
Title: After the War
Author/Artist: FML England: Phantomthief, America: Phish
Pics: Darkkitty206 on DA
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Revolutionary America, My Life is F***ed England
Rating: T?
Warnings: Blood, statue arse?
Summary: Phish and I decided to Rev War it up at CPAC in NJ last weekend, but my new coat wasn't quite done yet so I decided to bring back FML England XD Her friend Holly was kind enough to take wonderful pictures for us :D


Gakuen Patch Order update!

EDIT! Tracking number received for the re-send!

Hey everyone @_@ It's been a while, no?

Quick update on the patches- I have them! Technically. The company screwed up big time and I'm currently emailing them to get it fixed -_-
The one that I'm currently have over 90 of is the one on right.
The one on left is the sample they sent me for approval before mass-production. I said that was lovely, just turn the border black (since the white/tan was distracting on most fabrics I tested it on) and it'd be great. They did. And also disconnected the W and deleted the "School of World" text. That's not okay D:

I've emailed them and they're usually quick about replies so I'll update here when I get a response.
In the meantime, if you absolutely need your patch(es) by a cetain upcoming date, I can go ahead and send you the error ones and we can work out the replacements when that happens.

For those who picked up their patches at Katsu, I'll be in touch about replacements.

Sorry this is going so slowly, everyone!

PS: If you haven't paid yet I'd appreciate that happening... ;)

PPS: Er... I know I'm ranting, but really? These things are f*cking beautiful, even with the misakes XD

[Selling] Gakuen Patch Group Order is GO!

Hey all, haven't posted in a bit. The patch company and I were giving each other the run-around XD

For those seeing this for the first time, I did some mods to the official Gakuen patch render to make it
A) More like the provided art sheets
B) More feasible as a patch (read: Able to fit on a standard pocket)
C) FANCIER *shot*

As a change from last time, the patches will have to be just under 4 inches on the long side, otherwise the text won't show. I'm going with no backing (as oposed to a plastic backing) so they'll be more flexible and you can add your own iron-on backing if you'd like :) If someone has a differing opinion, I'm new to the backing system so just let me know ^.^;

Colors won't be eact, but the'll be close to the example, I believe.

Price: $6 a patch if we can get over 35
Shipping: $2 (for up to 6 patches, then I suggest priority) in a (TAPE ENCASED) manila envelope mailed first class anywhere in Alfred or Matthew (oh baby)
$5 priority anywhere in Alfred
Message me for shipping anywhere else <3

Here's how this'll go down...Collapse )

[Cosplay] Sunday, Bloody Sunday...

Bloody Sunday (1905): January 22, 1905, the Russian Imperial Guard fired into a crowd of unarmed demonstrators who had marched into St. Petersburg to present a petition to Tsar Nicholas II. The death toll remains ambigious with reports from 96 to 4,000 killed with a more modern accepted estimate of 1,000.

Title: Sunday, Bloody Sunday
Author/Artist: Cos: Phantomthief, Pics: My schoolmate
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia
Rating: T?
Warnings: Blood, strange use of filters and one seriously effed up teddy bear
Summary: "This is... my fault?"

I wanted to post some pictures for the occassion but it adamantly refused to snow this winter... So instead my photographer and I decided on some scarier "Curl-up-in-the-basement-trauma" type "after" pictures. They turned into Silent Hill... XD;;;

We found one of the... sketchier parts of the campus (read: UNDER MY DORMROOM)...
Let me tell you, the lighting was ridiculous. It was one of those scary yellow fluorescents (and only one)... I followed up on that in PS and basically turned the entire shoot into a Silent Hill ad XD I'll probably think better of it in the morning but for now I think it fits.

It puts my back up, puts my back up against the wallCollapse )



Since... I think all... of my friends on here are Hetalia related, here's my prospective list with possible shoots at the bottom?

Here there be HetaliaCollapse )

Cosplay! Bloody Sunday Russia 1905

Mokucon was awesome for such a tiny con! That was probably due to the number of Hetalia cosplayers/fans, but the progamming was surprisingly entertaining! Uncle Yo always strangles a laugh out of me...

Met a super cool America with whom I got my USxRussia fix (XD Go me...) and who had the CUTEST NANTUCKET EVAR. It was so cute and flippy ;A; I also saw Mama Sey (aka: omgimsuchadork ) as casual/drunk England, the Spain/Italy pair (they're so adorable XD), Korea not dressed as Korea, Hungary not dressed as Hungary, Germany DEFINITELY not dressed as Germany and several others who I recognized from either NYAF or Hetalia Day <3 I love you all so much ;A;
It would've been better if my CHINA *cough*Megan*cough* was there, but c'est la vie XD

Only downside for me was a very... enthusiastic... Sealand who was really getting on my last nerve (let me tell you, it's a feat). In the span of an hour, she managed to punch me squarely in the stomach with a decent amount of force (luckily I have abs of STEEL), throw her coat over my head effectively messing up my wig until I could run for the bathroom (and this was also while most of my fake blood was still wet @__@) and rip the stitching in my scarf while choking me. I felt I would probably snap at her if I said anything so I elected not to. I was having an otherwise swell time and didn't want to sour my or anyone else's mood, after all. ...However, if anyone knows her personally, please let her know that her behavior was unacceptable, con or not. Cons are exciting, but we're civilized human beings, yo.

Well, after the pissy rant I guess I can throw out that I took 1st place in the cosplay contest! (Hetalia!? Winning a craftsmanship contest!? WHAT?)

After that, I got a few (okay, 40 XD) shots with TheBigTog, a super special AWESOME photographer! Thtwas definitely a highlight...
I'll post the (maybe 20...) shots that I took soon, but for now here are the best ones he got :) Minor cropping on my part and some eye coloring in memory of the purple contacts I had to toss the morning of the con ;A;

9 pics behind cut

We don't want children who can't play nice, right?Collapse )
I had no idea the Gakuen shoot was taking place XD But in any case, I did some mods to the official render to make it
A) More like the provided art
B) More feasible as a patch (read: Able to fit on a standard pocket)
C) FANCIER *shot*

At the moment I'm just looking for some comments and suggestions on the design. I sent a message to the girl who ran the original order to check if it's okay that I run one so until I get confirmation, I won't be taking orders.
Size would be around 3.5x3.5", 100% embroidery, plain back (iron on backing can be added for a little more) and cost would run about $6 per patch if we can get orders for at least 35 patches. I want a bunch so that shouldn't be a problem XD).

First Post and lots of plotting...

Weeeeeeell... I completely missed the Gakuen Hetalia fun times but even so I'd like to make Gakuen Russia!~

I have a big, gothic campus and dangit I'm gonna utilize it! Looks like I'll be dyeing a blazer and making some pants, though the sweater vest is giving me no end of trouble D:

Guess I should email the girl who did the first patch order, as well~ <3

Probably going to shoot for a winter finish date so I can get pictures during intersession in January. After all, inside pictures are where it's at! ...When it's 3 below zero outside. XD
If anyone's seen "A Beautiful Mind", most of it was shot on-campus and I've been trying to figure out how to get to that window for epic Bloody Sunday Russia pictures *ham*. It just sits there mocking me with it's awesomeness. I have yet to find the staircase that leads up to it (it sounds silly, but you would not BELIEVE how utterly convoluted some of the building internals are!), but at the same time, I just know that behind those beautiful windowpanes is someone's messy office or something equally uncool. Mrrrrrrrrrrr.